It was a strange enough coincidence

That reporter Michael Hastings died in a “single car accident“.

I mean, lets face it, He had made some significant and fearful enemies when he outed and caused the end of the career of Stanley McChrystal. I found it curious that he was killed in an accident a few days ago…..Sometimes, however, one has to accept that shit happens.

But then we find that he had sent Emails to several friends and associates claiming that he was being investigated by the FBI (“FEDS”), and that if questioned by them, his friends should consider that it “may be wise to immediately request legal counsel before any
conversations or interviews about our news-gathering practices or
related journalism issues.”.

Then approximately a day later, he is dead. Burned beyond recognition.  Strange how coincidences happen, innit?

One wonders.

The Feds are investigating…. Just like they investigated JFK, Vince Foster, and a host of others….

Draw your own conclusions.

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