I find it telling

That Obama and family (and entourage) can find the money (that is your and my money…..or really China’s money that we will somehow have to repay someday) to fly to Africa on what is, essentially, a sightseeing trip. Something on the order of $100 million….yes, you read that right One Hundred Million dollars.    $100,000,000.

Yet there isn’t any way for us to pay for our military, requiring cuts to the Navy’s readiness, to the Army’s and Marine’s ability to react and to have available forces, and for the Air Force to cut many programs.

We don’t have the money to pay for the Blue Angels to fly over Baseball games or auto races, we have to cancel airshows and most military exhibits….

Our deployed troops don’t always get 3 hot meals a day.

We had to scramble to find some way to pay for our Air Traffic controllers and other essential services like USDA inspectors and FAA inspectors.

We can’t find enough money to repair or maintain our bridges.

We had to cut services at National Parks.

But the HNIC somehow can find enough of our money to pay for his African Safari vacation.

It’s what you’d expect from the president of….say, Zimbabwe.What you would expect from a ruler rather than a president.

But the real question is why Congress and the Representatives allow him to waste OUR money this way.


3 thoughts on “I find it telling

  1. I think it would be money well spent if it is a one way ticket. Just have to stuff Biden in with the luggage.

  2. Why? Because he does less damage when he is out of the White House.

  3. The real reason why is that they (Congress) are busy wasting our money in exactly the same way: fact finding junkets, expensive meals at taxpayer expense, etc..

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