What else is hidden in there?

Seems that there is a hidden thorn in all of those 800 or so pages of the immigration bill.

Facial recognition/biometric database containing all your biometric data….A HUGE database of all US citizens.

The excuse is, of course, to help find undocumented workers and keep them out of the workforce.

Can you think of ways that it will be abused? Especially when it becomes linked with the Obamacare database?

I can.

The modern version of “Papiere, bitte.” 

Coming soon to your neighborhood.

Remember, the original intent of the Social Security number was to track
your benefits…..now it is a part of your ID. You need it to find a (legitimate) job and as a ID to pay taxes…to open a bank account, to buy health insurance.Without it you can’t be tracked cannot function in our society.


One thought on “What else is hidden in there?

  1. Combine this with the latest abuses, started at the highest levels, from the IRS, and you can imagine the mayhem that could and likely will happen. The Liberal/progressives are reaching for it all while they can.

    By the way, added you to my blog list. Your place here is a must visit.

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