So the government made your Gas Can less than useful…..Updated at bottom

We all know that EPA regulations that went into effect in 2009 made gas cans harder to use. Easier to spill, and generally a pain in the ass. We all know that the intent was to reduce evaporation, but in reality it make the cans harder to use and promoted spills.

Strike back.

You have an alternative to buying older gas cans at garage sales to have some containers that are actually useful:

Buy this: EzPour Spout replacement kit.

This thing rocks. Fits nearly any gas can. No more waiting for the “vent”  in the nozzle to let air into the can, gurgling all the way…No more cursing the EPA as you wait for that 5 gallons of gas to slowly trickle out of the new style nozzle. No more sudden spills as your mower’s tank fills up and you try to remove the spout before the tank overflows….resulting in even more spillage and subsequent evaporation.

Now, regulations would, of course, prevent you from retrofitting any gas can made after January of 2009. I would never, ever suggest that all you need to install the vent is a small drill and a half inch spade bit (fluted bits will make holes that aren’t round in the plastic can)  to make the included vent replacement fit into a new can. YOU SHOULD NEVER DO THAT.  Never retrofit a vent onto a new can.

This is to replace your old spout and vent on your old can…Remember that. Not for use on newer cans. One wouldn’t want to run afoul of the EPA you know.

You can find them via mail order HERE, or find your nearest retail outlet HERE.

Remember, you can’t use these on newer gas cans even to make them less prone to spillage or to make them easier to use. While I am no attorney, I believe that that would be illegal. So don’t. Srsly. That would be bad.

[no liberals (or Gaia worshipping hippies)were harmed in the writing of this post]

Update: I finally received a reply from the company (Ez-Pour) and their products are made is China. Likely no plastics molding company in the US wanted to possibly run afoul of the EPA….

7 thoughts on “So the government made your Gas Can less than useful…..Updated at bottom

  1. They can't sell gas cans without the new advanced failure points. The regulations do not affect what you can do with the cans you own. I used a knife to stab a fat hole for a vent. The nozzle still sucks, however…

    Another EPA tip: Buy a box if TSP (TriSodium Phosphate) and add a tablespoon to loads of laundry and dishes and watch them gleam!

  2. I emailed 'em, but no answer yet. Package doesn't say, nor can I find anything on website.

  3. man, would I be happy to see that on the website! post it if they are, that would be awesome.

  4. Good one, and no of course no one would EVER use it to fix a POS problem… nope… 🙂

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