I wasn’t there, and I don’t have all the videos….So this may not be fair.

But apparently, while the 2 black Muslims were killing the British Soldier, lots of people were “filming” their actions.

I realize that the men were armed with knives and/or cleavers/axes.

No one could find something to hit them with? I understand that law abiding Brits are unable to possess or carry firearms, but surely people could have found a way to distract these men. Surely the men passing by could find a tree limb, or a chair, or a large tone to ….discourage these animals?

Or am I missing something?

ETA: Apparently some folks “remonstrated” with the attackers AFTER the fact. Maybe there are some guts left in the British city dwellers after all.

One thought on “question:

  1. Now we have to outlaw cleavers.

    Soon only oatmeal will be legal to eat in the UK.

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