One might ask:

If you were as cynical about your government (not the government itself, mind you, just the people who operate and run it) as I am, then you might begin to wonder….

Wonder about the timing of the whole apology from the IRS regarding poor treatment of any group affiliated in any way with anyone vaguely right wing (or at least perceived as right wing by the leftists at the IRS) when applying for 501-c status.

You might wonder if the whole IRS apology is an attempt to divert us from the whole Benghazi “investigation” that is currently playing out in the halls of congress. Where the lying, prevaricating and dissembling is major league levels of professionalism in a politician. Where the man who smiles has figured out who he can pin the blame on. Where the cover up is king.

How much of the IRS revelation is an attempt to make the media (and therefore the majority of left wing voters and a significant number of their brethren on the right) just plain forget about the whole mess somewhere “over there in one of them darkies countries” that was Benghazi. The failure in leadership that many of us have known about, but that the press (and now some of, but not all, of the “low information voters”) are becoming aware of. The massive coverup by blaming a poorly known and distributed film that mocked Islam (sorta) all just before an election?

So ask yourself: Will we let them get away with it again? 

One thought on “One might ask:

  1. If they use the IRS to punish conservatives what tool (of the many at their disposal) did they use to turn Justice Roberts on Obamacare?

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