Muslim Terrorists=Good, Religious Christian refugees=Bad

So our govenment gave asylum to the Tsarnev family….who turned on the country which gave them shelter, gave them money, and gave them freedom. They responded by hurting 200+ fellow citizens in an act of terror. They were granted political asylum, yet they have made frequent trips back to their homeland….Despite needing welfare to survive, they had the money for trips back to Chechnya.

Yet a peaceful family who merely wanted to teach their children in the way that they choose to, we are kicking out of the country.

Muslim terrorists are held to a different standard than religious Christians, apparently, when it comes to asylum. 


Why? Peaceful people coming to the US for a chance at religious freedoms….Isn’t there some history there? Didn’t the Plymouth colonists come for that reason?

Yet we give sanctuary to people who hate us instead…..

One thought on “Muslim Terrorists=Good, Religious Christian refugees=Bad

  1. The concept of separation of church and state is only an issue when it's the non official State Religion (Which most will claim doesn't exist) of Liberalism. If you have traditional faith and Christian values, your religion is not allowed.

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