Short of Nuking the entire NRA building, is there any way to get them to stop sending emails two or three times a day?

I have unsubscribed to over a hundred emails.

I have called the headquarters and asked to be removed

These steps have reduced the emails to approximately 10 a week. Which is an improvement from 50+ .
 I have marked many as SPAM, but there are a huge number of email
addresses they use. Add they come to my phone at all hours of the day.

Short of getting a new email and abandoning the one I have, is there any way to get the NRA and affiliates to stop with the incredibly irritating email marketing?I have reached the point that I will no longer buy anything marketed via the NRA.

Were my range not having membership as a requirement, I’d cancel my membership in protest.

Anyone know anyone at the NRA?

Or perhaps Wayne LaPierres cell phone or something so I can call him and ask him to make it stop?

Anyone got another suggestion?

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  1. I'll be at the NRAAM this weekend, will ask the question…

  2. You have given them money. They will never stop. You have to give them money anonymously. Once you are on the "Will contribute" list the Hand of God cannot get you off.

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