Another example of why

We NEED the Second Amendment:

Police in Sweden chose to focus on the people trying to patrol their streets, protecting their homes…., instead of taking action to stop the rioters from continuing their violence and destruction.

A large group of police officers rounded up and dispersed a group of vigilantes trying to fend off rioters.

Police choose NOT to confront the rioters, letting them rampage and destroy neighborhoods. They prevent citizens from defending their homes and property. 

Try that here? Never happen where I live. 

If the police will not maintain order, then the citizens will….at least where they live. 

What do you think the future for our country holds? Remember the Rodney King riots?  
Will you be able to defend your home and neighborhood, if and when? Do you really think that these riots won’t happen here someday soon? (might be muslims, might be the inner city “entitlement class”…might be those who get upset when the welfare stops…..) 

Will you be able to determine thatyour home is defended? Will you be able to tell the police that if they won’t do their job, then you and your neighbors will? Will you be able to enforce that? 

I will. And the police won’t be able to stop me either.

2 thoughts on “Another example of why

  1. They're letting the muslims run free to as to 'not upset them'… Yeah, right… And agree with you!

  2. the police know that the law abidding citizens will not fight them so they concentrate their efforts there.

    it is just another case of morality lost.

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