You knew it wouldn’t take long

Background checks for smokeless and black powder.

One of the gun grabbers dreams.

Of course, it is sponsored by Lautenberg, one of the perpetually pants-shitting liberals.

Do these people not realize how many recipes there are for low order explosives? How easy (relatively) they can be to make? How many people know how?


Betcha this gets used to limit the amount of rounds you can buy or legally possess because of the powder they contain.

Bet on it. It is a logical extension.

One thought on “toldja

  1. I would like to introduce a bill to run back ground checks on everyone buying gasoline??? Last I knew Molotov cocktails weren't too hard to figure out. Makes as much sense as regulating powder. Pretty easy to use fertilizer and other off the shelf products as well. It's hard enough finding reloading components, now they are going to make a run on powder. Can't they place some of their attention on the economy or something productive?

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