So where is the probable cause

For things like this? I’d love an explanation from a LEO as to how things like this occur….Is it that police assume anyone not in uniform is a suspect? Or that they just like being badasses…..I can see no way that this guy fits the description of the fugitive….Other than being male and human.

I mean, he OBVIOUSLY could fit the description of the guy they are looking for..And he is under duress…Every reason to point a firearm at his head….Right? Right?

I realize that tensions were high…I realize that the police have a job to do…But really? Following procedure is one thing. Common sense is another. And if they can’t understand the difference, then they shouldn’t be allowed to play with guns and all those other neat toys, much less have the authority and power that they do.

I’d also like to hear the explanation for this:

One would assume that there was a good, CONSTITUTIONAL reason for this. But I can’t think of one. I’ll withhold any comment until the police have a chance to explain. Citizens being treated like criminals? Why?  

5 thoughts on “So where is the probable cause

  1. My guess is that house backed up onto the boat, and that it is a good and common practice to clear houses next to a coming swat raid.

    Regardless, the treatment of these people was far out of line.

    It isn't like they were wearing red coats and demanding food and shelter…

  2. That IS rather interesting isn't it… And NOT in a good way!

  3. Police state theater. If they really were facing a real threat, they would have absolutely been mauled. These guys are dressing up and playing the part of Hollywood badass wannabe soldier.
    If a guy in a nearby house would have had a rifle…

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