So people are starting to talk

about the “sequester” and they aren’t liking what they are seeing.

The latest, the cuts to the Air Traffic Controllers, are affecting people directly, not where they can’t see, feel and experience things directly.

And soon, Parks, housing and schools will be affected.

THe pundits are calling for an end to the sequester, and a different budget.

But I think the American public is starting to see the games being played with their lives. The fact that the FAA is choosing to cut Air Traffic Controllers rather than levels of management, or reducing the bureaucracy is not lost on most people….and they know that they are being played by Barry and the Democrats….and they aren’t fooled.

Same with the cuts being made to border control, and the fact that the administration is using those budget cuts as an excuse to release illegals that have been caught and are currently incarcerated.

People will, I think, want harder choices made as things get more and more tight. As service are cut….People will want cuts made, and not to services that they expect from their government. Either social welfare programs cut or military..

I’m betting that those who pay taxes will prefer cuts to social welfare programs…and cuts to redundant government programs…and (one) sacred cow…Farm subsidies.

The Republicans would be smart to get in front of this, and publish a basic budget showing how  and what they would cut and what they would not.

Full page ads in newspapers. Show where they will cut waste and where they will not cut services for which we are paying.

Make Barry and the DNC, play defense. 

But I doubt that they will do so…..We call them the Stupid Party for a reason.

3 thoughts on “So people are starting to talk

  1. I certainly hope people see this for what it is, and it would indeed be nice if the Republicans harped on it. It's hard to do that effectively when the MSM is all in for Obama, but surely there is plenty of alternative media they could use.

  2. Cutting ag. or oil subsidies would be a disaster. The liberals love to scream about the so called farm subsidies like it is some payout to corporate farmers but it is what keeps the typical big city liberal from paying full price for the their lifestyle of consumption.

    I don't have a horse in that race but I would love to see the liberals get what they ask for.

  3. I would actually LOVE to see the subsidies disappear. Let people pay the real price for things, not the price the government decides (with your money) that the item should cost.

    If the farmers can't sell enough whet at a rice they want, they'll decide to choose other crops or find other markets. Or stop farming until there is a market at a price they can make a profit at.

    Why should some businesses get subsidies and others not?

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