Senator Pat Toomey

Needs his ass kicked. He and Manchin have decided to sell out gun owners and the 2nd ammendment.

How much of Bloomberg’s silver did he clutch in his sweaty little hands?

Or was it even more than just Bloomberg money? Perhaps something else? What induced him to make such a career ending blunder? Photos with a goat? Perhaps a young boy? Dead hooker in the trunk? What?

You should go HERE and let him know your displeasure. I have.

And I intend to find out who his opponents are and contribute to their campaign(s). I’ll vote for a support a liberal who stands for something over a turncoat like Toomey.

1 thought on “Senator Pat Toomey

  1. Born and raised in PA. Moved to NJ a coule years ago. Voted for Toomey his first go around against Spector. Thought he was a real conservative. Turns out he's just another progressive tool. We really need to break the paradigm. I switched to a third party. Libertarian in my case. Choose one that shares your values in their actions.

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