Nice idea

Of course, He’ll be broke in a year or so. Not more than two at the outside.

If the market was there, it’d be filled already.

Capitalists go where the money is, and stay away from where they will lose money. Guess which one this is likely to be?

Watch the video HERE. (sorry about the ad first) The implication is that there is some conspiracy to keep these people from eating well.

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The strange thing is that most of us live in a “Food Desert”. More than a mile to a decent grocery store? Yep, nearly all of my life. I always have had to go to a grocery store a few miles (or more) from my home. So what?

Get a car or find transportation. If you want fresh food or vegetables, you’ll find a way to get to the store where they sell them. So what if you can’t walk there and have to go there on a public bus….if you want to get there, you will. If you want fresh food, and veggies and fruit, you’ll make the effort to find them.

They aren’t sold in some areas because no one buys them, instead buying food at convenience stores. Most of the people living in some areas don’t plan ahead, so buying groceries isn’t high on their priority list….They’d rather buy ready made food, even if it isn’t good nutritious.

The “Food Desert” happens not because of racism, but because of culture….and not because of the business, but because of the customers.

I’ll bet money that his “shuttle” stops running in 6 months. 

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  1. I just want to give back (and make a little money too, I hope).

    This is typical liberal thinking. There are hundreds of millions of Americans who do not live in big urban areas. I live a mile from my closest grocery, and I live in a town of about 20,000. Those who live out in the county live five or ten miles from a store of any kind.

    As you said, if there was a need, it would be filled. There is a reason the stores that served those neighborhoods closed.

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