It occurs to me

That the President is crying crocodile tears over the victims of the madman(men?) who set the bombs in Boston.

If he finds the act of setting bombs so terrible, so repugnant, then why is he friends with William Ayres?

The man has said “I don’t regret setting bombs” and “I feel we didn’t do enough” about his past. Mr Ayres is a domestic terrorist. 

He is also a friend of, and mentor to Barack Hussein Obama. One of the people who helped launch Obama’s political career. 

To my knowledge, William Ayres has never apologized for his action. 

Had things not gone awry, he would have participated in setting EXACTLY the same type of bomb that was used in Boston. 

Yer Barry still counts Ayres as his friend. 

So…., Barry, which is it? Bombing is good as a political statement? Or is it bad? Is terrorism ok, or is it not? 

Tell us, please.