Innit interesting

When Adam Lanza did his ting at Sandy Hook, we knew withing HOURS everything about him…his age, where he lived, who he last spoke with, what he ate for lunch and when his last bowel movement was….

Same thing with James Homes, of Aurora Colorado fame.

Same with Jared Laughner.

But what have we heard about the suspected Bomber Person of interest? His name is Abduhl Rahman Ali Alharbi. He is from Revere

But do we have anything on the MSM? Nope. Nothing. Zero. Nada. 

Wonder why? 

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  1. another thing that is different – the media is always quick to put up the pictures of the victims after a mass shooting. While the Boston victims can be found, their photo distribution isn't so… coordinated.

    Boston was horrible, but at 3 dead that equates to about 15% of a typical warm weekend in Chicago. By the looks of the bomb photos, there would have been many more deaths if great citizens hadn't jumped in with direct pressure.

    Yesterday sucked.

  2. "But do we have anything on the MSM? Nope. Nothing. Zero. Nada.

    Wonder why?"

    I think it's because by the time the media got the name the police were denying that he was a suspect, or even really a "person of interest." In fact, from some reports it looks like he got grabbed for questioning simply because he had the misfortune of being middle-eastern while at the scene of a bombing.

    The Sandy Hook shooter, on the other hand, was found dead at the scene, with ample evidence pointing to his guilt.

    Apples and oranges.

  3. Yet at Sandy Hook, they (incorrectly) found the brother in less than an hour and posted his stuff all over the media.

    apples and apples.

  4. I had forgotten about the brother. Mea culpa.

    On the other hand, IIRC, the police had released a statement wrongly naming the brother as the killer, whereas in Boston the police were saying from the start that the guy in question was not a suspect.

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