I really can’t understand……..

Ya know, I have no idea of the magnitude of the grief the parents of the slain children in Newtown CT must feel. I have no children myself, so I cannot understand, not really, the grief that they must feel in having their children killed by a madman with a gun. 

Having said that, I have to wonder what convincing it took for some of them to allow themselves to be used as tools by the anti- gun folks. To be manipulated by the President and his ilk. To allow the memory of their children to be perverted for anyone’s cause.

What inducements were used to get these people to allow their voices and visages to be used to promote gun control laws which would not, had they been in place before the Newtown tragedy, have prevented it from happening.

Can grief induce people to allow themselves to be used as pawns? Can grief allow them to be induced to pervert the memory of their innocent children? To allow themselves to blame the inanimate object and not Adam Lanza?

(This presupposes that the entire thing wasn’t some sort of put-up job, mind you, a fact of which I am not entirely convinced….there are as many holes in the story as there were in the report from the Warren Commission).

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