I find it interesting

Interesting that when everyone wanted the Bomber(s) arrested after the Boston Marathon, They all were OK with men with pistols and assaullt weapons doing the deed, running around their neighborhoods with guns in their hands ….guns with “High capacity magazines”.

And none of them have spoken up about the fact that they, the citizens of the Greater Boston Metro Area have been effectively disarmed by their government.

I also find it interesting that in the aftermath of the bombings, no one called for pressure cooker controls, background checks for BB’s and nails, etc. They simply pointed the blame where it belongs…on the two men who did this. Not at the retailer who sold the pressure cooker, not at the outlet that sold them the backpack…not at the place where they bought the thousands of bb’s. But at the perpetrators of this crime.

Why can’t they do the same when a firearm is used in a crime?

I know it is a stupid question, but really, can the liberals not separate logic from emotion and use logic in their arguments and criticism ?