Didja call?

If yer congressthing voted against the gun ban legislation(s) then you should take the time to call or email a thank you.

If they voted FOR such garbage, call and ask demand an explanation.

When I did so at Donnelley’s office, the girl answering the phone at first tried to explain, then assured me that thre would be a letter forthcoming with an explanation. She said that I wasn’t the first to ask for such a thing.

We shall see.

1 thought on “Didja call?

  1. Out of all the congress critters I have written, Donnelly is the only one who never wrote back. Not even a form letter to all constituents. Nada, nothing. I don't think he realizes the sole reason he is in is Mourdock blew it at the last minute with his views on abortion. You would think he would take advantage of the position and try to win the respect of the constituents instead of voting his parties screwed up bills in. Especially with everyone writing and calling telling him which way to vote. I hope the republicans can come up with something to run against him.

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