A sad, misguided rant

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Some of the comments are even worse.

“Exigent Circumstances”.

Yeah, hold an entire town hostage for half a day….And it is ok, because these are “special” circumstances.

How long can the “Exigent Circumstances” linger? hours? days Weeks/ MONTHS?

What are the definititions of “Exigent”?

Where is the line for a terrible enough crime that this order applies? There are thousands of criminals at large in our cities today….So where is the line?  Murder? Drug dealing? Grand Theft Auto?

Apparently the Constitution can be suspended if the circumstances warrant or if the criminal is evil enough….of if the need is great enough in the rulers government’s mind. Or if it makes the police officers job easier…?

Having said that, really, staying home was probably a good idea Friday afternoon, 4/19, in Boston and the surrounding area. Letting the police do their jobs, not a bad thing. Cooperation? Probably best. But really, their job was done by a civilian. They were alerted by a homeowner, one outside of their perimeter…and they all swarmed in that direction, sirens and lights…Easy to do because those pesky civilians were kept off the streets. Hundreds of cops standing around. Who was protecting the rest of the city?

Asking people to stay inside is a good idea…But to make it on pain of arrest? Really? And for a cop (or anyone) to feel that it is justified? To justify the action of threatening arrest if people were out on the street because “we are tracking a very bad man”….”And you civilians will just be in our way…” Keeping the population in their homes so that the police had control of the streets….

You who agree with the poster should be ashamed of yourselves. Your attitude is what leads to a police state. I am not saying that people should have walked the streets in defiance, but really, you police type folks need to get a grip. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS ATTITUDE. EVER.

You should be ashamed for even thinking like that. Remember Peele.

And it should be pointed out that the fugitive in question was found BY A CIVILIAN…outside the perimeter….after the “shelter in place” order had been lifted. Who then called 911 and let the pros handle the actual arrest and get credit for “finding and capturing” him

BTW, the arresting cops had big brass ones…They had to approach not knowing if he was wired to go boom. Gotta say, they had guts.

4 thoughts on “A sad, misguided rant

  1. I disagree with their stance as I stated on Six's blog. The original role of the police were to protect the basic rights of the populace. You CANNOT protect the rights of the populace by crapping on those same rights.

    Right to travel? Revoked. Right to be free of searches and seizures? Gone. The right to run your go to your place of business? Doesn't exist.

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