We went to the Nappannee gun show.

More crowded than I have ever seen it.

This is not your average retail gun show, but rather a collectors gunshow. Lots of classic old rifles (most still serviceable) and pistols… and a hunters show. You’ll generally not find Evil Black Assault Rifles or plastic pistols here. You’ll find primers and pistols and bullets and cases and powder, but not much ammo unless it is unusual or hard to find like .44 rimfire and such.

Lots of old scopes, most still serviceable.

Shotguns and parts by the ton.

If modern ammo is for sale, it is usually priced to sell as some guy is cleaning out his closet or something.

Not so yesterday. .22 525 bulf going for $70 a box. .223 (what little there was) was ging for $1-1.25 a round.

Not that anyone was buying it.

4 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Sorry we missed it, but wouldn't have been able to enjoy anyway. Ogwife couldn't eat the bacon, I couldn't afford anything. And having murdered my phone, I couldn't even have gotten in touch with you.

  2. That explains why you didn't answer my text….

    Sadly, the Bacon Restaurant is under new (and NOT better) management.

    May have to find another place for bacon.

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