Tinfoil hat time again: But still…. Really…. Ask yourself this question:

Since we get stills from video on the news all the time….Bits and pieces of surveillance video from tragedies at least weekly…

Since the school (Sandy Hook Elementary) was apparently wired for sound and video….

Since there was video in the hallways, video in the entrance, etc…

Since any time anyone does nearly anything the news Media shows us a teasingly small bit, either in still pictures from the video or a snippet of the video itself…

WHY HAVEN’T WE SEEN ANYTHING ON ADAM LANZA on December 14th? Not ONE single still frame from the video….not even a half second of video.

Nor any from the day before, when he supposedly got into some sort of altercation at the school with 3 of the adults he subsequently killed..

No video……Not even ONE frame.


Who are they protecting? Adam Lanza is (supposedly) dead…so this evidence isn’t going to hinder the prosecution.


How about a single photo of the school after the shooting? Inside or outside? A single bullet hole in a wall…a single bit of evidence? Evidence that this even happened?


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