Interesting puzzle piece

Seems that the DHS is arming up their transportBig time upgrade to their toybox.

This will go along with their 1.6 billion cartridge purchase.

This is serious. folks. These aren’t easy to disable or deal with. Resistant to most small arms fire.

DHS *MUST* be planning on using their new toys on something….or someone.

You and me? Violent retirees demanding their Social Security checks?  Ethnic urban minorities who will become angry when their EBT cards fail to work? Angry government workers who riot when their retirement is redone?

WHO? Who are they planning on using these against?

ETA: Pissed found this first.

I figure that they will be able to be blinded by paint,  mired in mud , snared with cables. After which they are vulnerable to fire.

Just food for thought.

If and when.

4 thoughts on “Interesting puzzle piece

  1. Looked under one at the Shot show. the brake lines and fuel lines just run alongside the frame. Dumbasses.

  2. Didn't you see Red Dawn? In the beginning, they attacked the tank crews when they dismounted for fuel.

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