Can you imagine

The screaming and crying (and race baiting and charges of hate crimes) that the liberals and MSM (but I repeat myself) had the perpetrators of this terrible crime been white and the victim (an 18 month old baby) been black?

But you don’t hear any of the screaming and crying and race baiting and such from the media with the criminals being black and the baby being white…..Do you?

I actually doubt that this was a race based crime. This was a mean pair of punks who did what they did out of pure spite. This was a pair of boys who are a product of the welfare system, likely raised without a father figure of any kind, who were animals. Race plays no part in this. Just bad parenting (or none at all).

2 boys killed another child with an illegally possessed gun. Period.

The rest of the community has begun to make this about race. And these choir boys (according to their mothers/grandmothers/aunts/etc.) didn’t do anything wrong. (although, it should be noted that one aunt DID go to the police).

And by the way, adding anther law to the books to make these thugs possession of a pistol any more illegal wouldn’t have helped here, now would it? 17 and 14 years old.

but you should do some research and see what the culture and community says about these animals…..and about things in general related to this incident.

The Facebook/MySpace and Twitter comments should disgust and frighten you, in that order.

3 thoughts on “Can you imagine

  1. It seems the mother and an aunt have been arrested for giving false testimony (their alibi is falling apart).

  2. Of course a philosophical argument could be made that the actual shooting of the baby was based on race due to the victim politics of the day. Basically these boys do not view any Whites as worthy of respect, not even the babies. Only as targets be that for robbery, rape or shooting.

    Would they have shot a Black baby in the face under the same circumstances? We may see the point as moot or silly taken as a whole but the current system that has been set up judges Whites by those criteria. Why shouldn't Blacks be judged as well?

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