Alamo Day 3/6

The (my) weird schedule nearly made me miss the remembering the men (and women) of the Alamo.

The Alamo fell.
 All of the defenders were killed.

They delayed Santa Anna long enough to let the  Sam Houston and the other defenders get their shit together at San Jacinto.

All of the defenders at the Alamo were killed. Not a good way to go. But if it has to happen to me, I hope I go out as bravely as they. And for as good a cause.

Robert has a good story line on his blog. You should read it.

I have been to the Alamo, once. It is a fairly small place, and yet it has a spirit….a sacredness that reflects the residue of the courage and determination the defenders showed in their fight. It is a place that you will never forget visiting.

One thought on “Alamo Day 3/6

  1. Yeah, I went there back in 81. Went to the San Jacinto monument as well. Heck of a trip. Lots of nice things in Texas. Wouldn't mind going back there, and staying.

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