A look into the views of Uncle Joe

ANd what he proposes for your guns.


Some highlights:

On the Second Amendment:
” It was written primarily for self-defense.”

On the AR-15:
” The answer is that there is a clear argument within the definition of
the Supreme Court laid out that that particular weapon is not a usual
weapon in the sense that you need it for your self-protection or for
hunting purposes.”

” Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15,
because you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the
shotgun through the door”

And why they should be banned:
” Because there are so many out there, and police don’t want more out
there, because they’re being outgunned. That’s the reason why.”

Read the rest. It explains why they are so confused.

One thought on “A look into the views of Uncle Joe

  1. I still say shotgun Joe's sole purpose is a life insurance policy for Obama.

    He skirted every single question. Most of the answers reverted back to police being outguned. Police have access to full auto weaponry, body armour, and a whole slew of fellow officers to help out. How are they going to be out gunned by one person with a thirty round mag in a semiauto AR? Wish they would take his microphone away and give him a crayon to play with.

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