third try the charm

The Para is finally what I would call reliable.

So I completed the 500 round torture test of the “new” Para LDA 3″ .

500 rounds, no cleaning, and zero failures that were not ammo related (2 dud primers and one missing primer on the reloads, and an oversized. badly crimped/mutant load on the factory ammo.

I am glad that this pistol has passed the test. I can comfortably carry it with reasonable assurance the not only will it go bang when I need it to, but that it won’t jam or fail in another way.

It is just a shame that it took 3 tries with Para to get it right.

DO you test your carry gun to see if it will work in less than perfect conditions? Will it work when you need it to? Can it go hundreds of rounds without a failure?

Are you sure enough that you will stake your life on it?