So what would happen

in the press and the gun grabbing circles (but I repeat myself) if I were to design and print a line of paper targets which used police officers, soldiers or FBI agents or ATF agents as subjects?

I mean, would they cry that I was conditioning myself and others to shoot at agents of the government? How about long range targets (say 250-500 meters) of police cars? Maybe some closer targets of men wearing FBI hats…say 50-100 meters? Xrings on the heads, of course.

How about if I used young black men? (Statistically the highest demographic for crime….) in any scenario.

Just for training purposes….If and when. I case we ever see the unthinkable happen. Unusual scenarios and all that…..

What would be the difference between that and the targets put out by Law Enforcement Targets Inc, and marketed to (and purchased by) the police departments and agents of our benign overlords?

Perhaps I can market some Vicki Weaver targets or Branch Davidian targets to the HRT sharpshooters at Quantico…signed by Lon Horiuchi while I am at it.