An observation:

30 rounds was bad……

Has been, in the minds of the Feinstein-ites, for many years.

10 rounds though, was ok.  10 rounds was good. 10 rounds was blessed by the Feinstein-ites.

But that was then.

Now, of course, the new limit is 7 rounds. (Because, you know, no one needs 10 round magazines to go hunting….or something like that)

So if 10 rounds was the new 30, and 7 is the new 10, will 5 (or 3) become the new 7?

I mean, really who needs 7 rounds to go duck hunting. Or 3 rounds for deer?

You will, however, still need more than 10 for the blue helmets.
Just sayin’

4 thoughts on “An observation:

  1. Good question, and how many more guns can they ban by dropping the number… Drop it to 5, and all the revolvers except snubbies will be gone!

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