An observation:

30 rounds was bad……

Has been, in the minds of the Feinstein-ites, for many years.

10 rounds though, was ok.  10 rounds was good. 10 rounds was blessed by the Feinstein-ites.

But that was then.

Now, of course, the new limit is 7 rounds. (Because, you know, no one needs 10 round magazines to go hunting….or something like that)

So if 10 rounds was the new 30, and 7 is the new 10, will 5 (or 3) become the new 7?

I mean, really who needs 7 rounds to go duck hunting. Or 3 rounds for deer?

You will, however, still need more than 10 for the blue helmets.
Just sayin’

4 thoughts on “An observation:

  1. Good question, and how many more guns can they ban by dropping the number… Drop it to 5, and all the revolvers except snubbies will be gone!

  2. One little round was good enough for Barney Fife.

    Look how safe Mayberry was.

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