How much will they cut the labor costs?

Since the U.S. Post Office is gonna cut approximately 17 % of it’s service, are we gonna see a 17% reduction in labor costs? Are all those folks gonna get their Benefits cut by 17% too?

I mean, I am getting only 5/6 of what I was getting last week. Since the service is less, shouldn’t those people who work (and get paid a LOT for what is, essentially, what would be classified as an unskilled job) get a reduction to 5/6 of their retirement and 5/6 of their insurance benefits too?

Look: somehow the USPS cannot stop hemorrhaging money. It may well be the failure of management, or it may be the workers, or a combination of both. I really don’t care. If they can’t figure out how to do it at a reasonable cost and make it at least break even, then perhaps the lot of them, managers and workers, should be tossed and people found who CAN work in a productive manner. I have never seen a postal worker with any sense of hustle. Never seen one run (unless being chased by a large dog) never seen one appear to be hurrying. Ever.

But seriously, since the consumer (that BTW, is you and me and every other resident, business etc in the US) is getting 17% less service, then are the workers and management getting 5/6 of the pay and benefits? I mean, starting at the Postmaster General and working down.

Bet not.

If not, then WHY NOT?

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  1. I used to work for that august organization. Don't ask……

    On the subject of saving money by eliminating Saturday delivery – the carriers have to put in so much office time casing their mail, then go out and deliver it. When they start Monday, they'll have a two day load to work. In order to keep out of hot water by using penalty overtime, there is going to have to be a lot of part timers ready to go. The part timers management says they don't need.

    They are going to be soooo buried.

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