(BB) Gun in one hand, child in the other

This, apparently, can get you arrested.

Not sure exactly how they got child endangerment out of this. (We can’t see the picture, so we don’t know where the gun was pointed) and some of those BB guns can appear to be real.

Having said that….Seriously? Arrested for child endangerment because he was holding (what appeared to be) a firearm near a child?

Has our society gone that far down the rathole?

       Here is the picture. I see no endangerment at all, even if it had been a “real” pistol.

Thanks to ALEX for the help with the picture

2 thoughts on “(BB) Gun in one hand, child in the other

  1. They have scrubbed the picture. It was at the WLWT link before…

    He is sitting holding the baby on his left leg, and had the bb gun in his right hand, finger straight along the barrel, along his right leg.

    The barrel and his legs were pointed to the right of the person taking the picture… No danger at all.

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