So the other day, I watched a police officer working as a security guard park his police car carefully in a “Fire Zone, No Parking” area. When I questioned him on it, he got downright pissy.

“I am a cop!”

“What the fuck gives you the right to question me?”

“How about I check you out?”

I wasn’t much intimidated, as I have no record, had nothing illegal on me, and wasn’t doing anything wrong, so he eventually let it go…As I walked away.

But really, the attitude was, at the least, extremely disturbing. He was, in his mind, somehow better than the rest of the population. Because of his badge, he was somehow excused from obeying laws that the rest of the populace is expected to. The thought that he was, in his own mind, privileged,  was scary. Almost as if he were royalty, not a citizen like the rest of us, subject to the same laws, petty or not, that exist in society. As if he were not a citizen like the rest of us.

And yes, I did it to see what his reaction would be.

Yes, this has been going on for much longer than I have been alive. But not to the degree it currently is, and not so openly. Nor with the attitude.

How long are these folks gonna make it, if and when, with an attitude like that, when there are so many like us, who won’t put up with it?

5 thoughts on “Attitood

  1. In the future, I recommend taking a picture of his car parked there, time of day, and call it in to your local cop shop. If POSSIBLE, record him.

  2. Not until these cops are regularly disciplined for thinking they are the Law in and of themselves will they remember their job is "To Serve and Protect".

  3. NOT the cops I grew up with… Those guys respected the community they served.

  4. That is why when folks talk of the coming revolution I always opine that the police will be FIRMLY on the side of big government.

    Too many take up the blue and the badge for the power.

    There are still good policemen out there. But far too many have merely migrated from high school bully to public bully.

  5. Joe is correct. All large city departments and MANY smaller departments, especially if metro area, will do what Big Brother instructs. Even if they don't believe it they aren't going to gamble their cushy jobs and retirement checks.

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