Amazon stopping sales of gun products?

Hope THIS isn’t true.

My household  spends THOUSANDS of dollars on Amazon.

If they go this route, it’ll make shopping very inconvenient for me to have to go elsewhere for my books, music and all that other stuff. Books and music are only (maybe) 10% of what I buy through them.

But if they go there, then I’ll stop using them.

I already moved my merchant account from a BOA affiliated credit card processor at my business over the Firearms issue. $400K worth of credit cards now go through another processor due to 2nd Amendment issues.

I’ll wait and see if Amazon clarifies their position.

2 thoughts on “Amazon stopping sales of gun products?

  1. It is true, but there is a caveat. The page that lists the restriction states that:
    Note that while Amazon permits these products, certain jurisdictions may prohibit the sale of these products. You must comply with all applicable laws when selling weapons or any other product on

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