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While I feel sorry for Gabby Giffords, who didn’t deserve to be shot in the head,

The fact is that the proposals put forth would not have stopped Jared Laughner from being able to purchase the firearm he used in her shooting.


“I bought a gun at Walmart recently and I went through a background check. It’s not a difficult thing to do,” Kelly said. “Why can’t we just do that and make it more difficult for criminals and the mentally ill to get guns?” 

Maybe if the police and sheriff had done their jobs with reporting Laughner, you might not be wanting to  restrict my rights…and your wife would not be damaged.

I lost all respect for her and Mark Kelley, her husband, for allowing themselves to be used as tools by the gun banners.And for their alloing themselves to be used by the “Americans for Responsible Solutions” group which wants “common sense solutions”.

Again, what is/are “common sense solutions”? Give us  even one solution that does not infringe on my rights, or the rights of other law abiding citizens to own and use our firearms. One solution which would have stopped even one of the crimes you hold up as reasons to restrict my rights. One solution which would have saved a single victim.

Just one.

Or you are lying to yourself as well as the rest of us.

My firearms didn’t kill anyone today…nor yesterday, nor lat week, nor last year. 

But you want to disarm me anyway, and I think it is for other reasons.

3 thoughts on “Ya know

  1. Looks like we now have Brady Bunch II or is this going to be the Gifford Bunch???

  2. I agree to that. They should implement a background check for every person who purchases a gun, to make sure that that person is not mentally ill and to avoid more accidents in the future.

  3. SDWP:

    You obviously don't get it. Laughber was insane, but never reported by the authorities.

    THe background check didn't stop him because there was no info on him.

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