Windows 8

After a bit of getting used to, experimenting and working with it with an open mind, I have come to the conclusion that the folks who designed (and approved) this abortion were smoking crack while shooting heroin.  

A more irritating operating system may exist….I have just not yet found it.

Windows 8 truly sucks as an interface.

3 thoughts on “Windows 8

  1. Could not possible agree more. Set up my first customer install a couple weeks ago. Not sure how they could make it any more un-appealing to the end user. I think they watched the "Minority Report" one too many times.

    That said, they are going to charge towards this cliff much faster than any other releases . . . .

    Given that I still have a sealed, box set of Dos 1.0 . . . . perhaps I've been at this long enough . . .

  2. Actually, Frances is doing fine with it. I think it is aimed more at the non-computer geek, and for that market seems to work OK.

  3. I setup a friends new laptop that came with Win 8 on it. I almost introduced mr laptop to 230gr .45 ACP Gold Sabers before I was done.

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