So they admit

That  little they can do will prevent the sort of tragedy that was Sandy hook.

Registration wouldn’t have done it
The ‘Assault Weapons Ban” was already in place in Connecticut
Background checks wouldn’t have helped (in fact, the waiting period didn’t do it either)

But, we need all those things in order to prevent something like that from happening again.

The gun banners are lying cheating weasels. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. The Media, the papers, and the other politicians.

And the cries about the gun deaths are crocodile tears. No one wants to admit that most gun violence happens in ethnically and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, among teens who are not model citizens, and who won’t get their weapons legally. Who, in fact, never have. 

But no one will call them on it.

They will ask for everything, and end up getting something. That something (what it is remains to be seen) will still not change the possibilities of another Sandy Hook, or an Aurora, And it wouldn’t have kept Gabby Giffords from being shot, (and subsequently used as a pawn by those who would disarm the rest of their countrymen). Her husband lies claims Universal Background checks would have prevented her from being shot….Except that her shooter PASSED a background check when he bought his GLOCK. That something, likely background checks, will, ultimately, reduce your freedoms.

Which is, really, their aim anyway.. Disarm you, reduce the prevalence of firearms, and eventually end gun ownership, until the populace is disarmed.

They’ll take what they can get today, and come back for the rest as soon as they think they can get them.

Call, email, Fax, Send a telegram….whatever it takes. Make sure your congressweasels get the message.