So how many of you

have found that you really really wish that you’d bought more ammo? Bought that rifle you were thinking about buying. Wish that you had purchased that first AR or AK 6 months ago? How many thought you had time then, but ran out of time.

Me, I can always use more, but I am stocked well enough.

Hope ya “bought it cheap and stacked it deep” . Hope you have the tools you need, if and when.

‘Cause I was told that the pipelines are empty. What is left is what there is. Demand has so totally outstripped supply that there will not be significant amounts of .22lr, .223/5.56, .307/7.62 etc for
months. Likely months on pistol ammo too. Imported ammo may never return if a gun bill gets passed. Rifles and pistols may not be available for months, if then. Even without a ban.

Scary, ain’t it?

Hope yer stocked.

I WAS planning on buying a Mosin, but at $300 instead of $99, I think I may pass. Bummer. 

3 thoughts on “So how many of you

  1. I'd always like more, but I saw this day coming many years ago (Thanks Bill Clinton!) so I've always maintained overstock on ammo and parts and redundant weapon systems. I can see this through but it's amazing the number of formerly-indifferent co-workers and peers who are now pestering me to sell them stuff. I'll consider it for a few gunnie friends that got caught short one or two items, but the rest…As if!

  2. I got stock, not as much as I'd LIKE, but I've got stock…

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