What, exactly, is a “fair share”? Lets discuss this.

The DNC and liberals and Barry have all complained that the “rich” need to  “pay their fair share”.

So what, exactly do they mean? How much is “fair”?
Any amount they earn over, say, $250K?
50% of their pay?
80% of anything over $1M?

Really, lets define it. Just so we can talk about it. ‘Cause you haven’t defined it well.

Anything else is just demagoguery.

You know this is gonna come up again in a few months when we hit the debt ceiling again. 

1 thought on “Question:

  1. I have asked many times what a 'fair share' is. Or for someone to define 'how much is enough'.

    I'm still waiting but apparently it is about 30% more then the person I'm talking to makes in most cases.

    Amazing how that happens.

    I've asked those who push for higher taxes if they are living on poverty level income and donating the rest of their income to others also.
    Strange as it may sound, most of them aren't for some reason 🙂

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