Naked capitalism

Gunshow yesterday….

Prices for Black Rifles were high (2-3 times what they were just  month or so ago). Ammo too. Few deals were to be had. The Gun Show promoter was making a large pile of cash though.Lots of looking, few buyers.

Listened to one guy complain about the high prices and the “gouging” . Asked him why he was buying now? He said he wanted a rifle before “they” made them illegal, but was unhappy about the prices. He felt that the prices should have remained at the “old” level.

I inquired why he hadn’t bought a gun when he had the opportunity in the years leading up to now? Hadn’t he seen the writing on the wall?

He complained that he hadn’t “needed” one until now.

So I asked him why he felt that since the supply had remained the same and the demand had increased that pricing should not reflect that? What was wrong with good old capitalistic commerce? No one was forcing him to make that purchase. Why he felt that he could set prices rather than the lawful owner of the firearms? Why should anyone accommodate his failure to plan by giving him a gun at the “old” prices??

He complained that it wasn’t “fair”

So I looked at him and said “I bet you are the kind of guy who doesn’t merge with traffic until the last minute….yer the guy who runs up in the lane and expects everyone else to let you in, and bitches when all the other cars which have been in line to exit, or to enter a construction zone, won’t let you enter to the end of the line….aren’t you?” Weasel.

Everyone else laughed, and he got little sympathy from the crowd.

He purpled up and stalked off complaining about how he couldn’t even find a gun he could afford.

I bet he’ll be the guy who complains that there aren’t generators or gas readily available at low prices next time the day after an ice storm either. Likely has two days worth of food in the house, even though he knows a winter storm is coming.

I hope he had to pay a pretty penny for a “Black Rifle”. Stupid should hurt. Failure to plan should cost.

4 thoughts on “Naked capitalism

  1. And this guy will probably be one of those that would turn you in for having one of those wespons if it benefited him to do so.

  2. +1 on Matt… And believe me, they ARE out there… In SPADES!

  3. I sold mine….Couldn't resist the prices…

    Yeah,I lost those records in a tragic blender accident. Shit happens…..

  4. Capitalism. We should try it on a larger scale. I hear it worked well for the old United States for a couple of centuries.

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