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Now might be a good time to start collecting short pieces of steel tubing (say, 20″-30″), nuts, bolts and other scrap steel. Maybe toss in some scrap aluminum and brass too, maybe some copper….just to make things fun.

So when you bury that PVC tube, you can “salt” the surrounding area with enough false positives that it’ll make the job more difficult.

Just sayin’.

7 thoughts on “Just a thought

  1. The idea is to make it look as much like the "original" as possible, so duplicate your stash with similar weights and types of material, old junkyard axles, etc.

    The pipe thing has often been misunderstood, as well. the PVC deal was mean to be buried vertically in a posthole, with the top about 3' underground. Commerical metal detectors usually don't do much beyond 16" Not that I personally know, but if you take a piece of weedwhacker line and tie it to the pipe, then bury it parallel to your house, say, a foot or so underground, you can find said pipe quite easily by digging to the line (Which doesn't show on any detector) and following the line to the- er, item.

  2. I was thinking you were going down the pipe bomb Avenue. Silly Me.

  3. I was thinking you were going down the pipe bomb Avenue. Silly Me.

  4. Ugh! Comment spam is everywhere.

    As for the metal detector and the salting of an area, a friend with a rather high end metal detector (like over $1500) was able to differentiate between washers buried 8 inches down and pennies buried 2 feet down and the distance they were buried. I'm quite sure the .GOV has such detectors if not better.

  5. I have no need to bury anything, since I have nothing… 😛 But yes, VERTICAL is correct… Just sayin.

  6. There are physical limitations as to how deep detectors can detect, and none will ever discriminate between a rifle barrel and an old tie rod. The difference in the hall effect in steel and in softer metals is more pronounced. Decoy burials are an excellent idea, as are decoy postholes.

  7. Og is exactly correct.

    Having said that, giving a LOT of false targets doesn't hurt either.

    The larger area that you have many false targets to track, the easier it is to hide any thing you wish 3 feet underground.

    Burying such a pipe is a bitch, however.

    Don't ask me how I know.

    There are easier ways.

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