So I called the local plumbing supply store which I do business with for my business yesterday, looking for some specific parts .

While I had them on the phone, I enquired as to the price of 10″ schedule 40 PVC and some other items…end caps and cleanouts for a….. err… project I have coming up.

He knows me, and laughed out loud.

“We should raise the price on 8″ and 10″ PVC pipe and such… It’s going like hotcakes”.

He told me that their sales of those two pipe sizes have increased greatly, and it is the “Harry homeowner” type guy who is buying it, not the guys who would “normally” need it for drains and such.  

Interesting, innit?

4 thoughts on “INteresting….

  1. LOL

    A lot of people are finding out how hard it is to glue 8" and 10" PVC.
    If you're going to go that route, you better buy some extra bits to practice on.

  2. I have some of those mortar tubes, the old ones with the steel screw on covers, They work great!

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