Have you taken the time?

If you are a regular reader here, you are likely a Second Amendment supporter.

You likely own more than 1 firearm, and you likely shoot more than once or twice a year.

So if you haven’t, it is time to get off your ass and make sure that your senator and representative knows where you stand. Yeah, I know you told him/her last year, and the year before that, but you need to tell them again. They may be new also. They have really really short memories. They live by polls, and if the pollsters (with an agenda) tell them that the majority of their constituents want more gun control, then that is how they are gonna vote. Tell ’em otherwise.

Take the time to tell them what YOU think. If enough of us bother then they get a real view of their constituents needs and wants and desires. They understand that people who bother to call or email or fax (don’t do a snail-mail, it’ll take too much time getting to them after being inspected for anthrax and all that) your views. If you write an email or send a fax, be firm, but polite. Be clear. Be single issue (it seems to be all that they can understand).If you call, be polite to the staffer who answers the phone. Clearly state your opposition to any further gun control laws. Be respectful.

Remind them that you vote and that you will actively work for or against the Senator’s/Representative’s reelection depending on how they vote.

You can find your congresscritters HERE.

If the continued exercise of your Second Amendment rights is important to you, then get off your butt and make sure the folks sent to DC to represent you know your views. 

If you don’t then they’ll guess. Likely incorrectly.

Don’t make ’em guess.

Tell ’em.

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