Goalposts, moving of:

So Obama wants the Republicans to compromise on gun control:

Here the thing, if we are gonna “have a discussion” on gun control, then lets have one.

The left wants us to compromise from the current position, which was a compromise of the current position then….They keep wanting a compromise from the previous compromise . They steadily move the goalpost from zero control towards confiscation. Every few years, they stand on their current position and say “we need to have a conversation on gun control” We need to compromise” the thing is, for many of us, the last few compromises went too far already.

We cannot keep on “compromising” our rights freedoms, and ability to resist tyranny away every few years.

If the left *REALLY* wants a “conversation” on gun control then let us have one:

On the table is all the below legislation:

National Firearms Act of 1934
Omnibus Crime Control act of 1968
Gun Control Act of 1968
Firearms Owners Act of 1986

Lets “discuss” those regulations….With an eye towards repealing them. Let’s compromise.

And let us put the ATF (BATF(e)) back to a taxing agency, not an enforcement agency with what are essentially stormtroopers.

When those are all subject to repeal, Then we can we have a “discussion” about compromises.

Today, they want to play checkers. We have been playing chess for a while. But I think that that the chess players on their side are waiting and watching. So should we.

Keep calling your senators and congressmen. State reps too. Even if you KNOW they will vote one way or another, keep the pressure on. Keep them informed as to what you want. Encourage others to do the same.

You can find your legislators at the top of the left side, under “How to find your congresscritters” Take the time to call…Or FAX….or Email. If they vote on our side, encourage and support them. If not,and they vote against your views, then make sure they know that they are pissing off a constituent. One who votes.