Because they are the “only ones”

Only police should have guns, right?
Becuse they are trained and honest and can be trusted. Much more so than the rest of us…right?


(This is not a slam on the police. Rather it is to expose the fallacy that police are somehow, because of training and testing and a badge, are supposed to be more honest and trustworthy than Joe/Jane Average Citizen.)

2 thoughts on “Because they are the “only ones”

  1. I still can't believe we stand for people, any single person, to have that kind of control over us. Yet they keep allowing these cops to do as they will.

  2. Yep, excellent point! And the same with them being 'better' shots… If you don't go to the range and PRACTICE, you don't get better (and most of us shoot 10-15X more than the LEOs).

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