Anyone want to bet?

I’ll be that very soon, as the “gun control” legislation begins to shape up and take form, there will be another shooting. Likely including children (or maybe nuns and orphans) in order to push the legislation. Possibly a public shooting. It will, of course, use an AR-15 based firearm, most likely a “Bushmaster”.

If not then, then shortly before the bill comes to a vote.


Strange these coincidences.

2 thoughts on “Anyone want to bet?

  1. Unfortuneately I DO believe that-I also wonder why none of the footege from the school security system at Sandy Hook has never been shown- not even a STILL image of Adam Lanza with his rifle. I also wonder why some of the Sandy Hook web stuff was created PRIOR to the date of the shooting. Realy gotta wonder about this stuff.

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