Yer headed towards the wall at 100 MPH:

You have a car which is headed for the brick wall at 100 MPH. Accelerating quickly

You and those in the car are all aware of this, and understand the consequences.

Sadly, the folks in the front seat are arguing as to whether they should take their foot off the pedal halfway or just a bit more than that.

We have that scenario here is the US with the budget:

Obama wants higher taxes and some minuscule cuts for a deficit reduction and savings of 1.8 trillion over 10 years (likely weighted to ramp up after he is out of office. Mostly made up from higher taxes on the “rich”)

Boehner wants cuts of 2.2 trillion. (likely also weighted for later years) mostly through cuts in Medicaid and Social Security.

If we were to believe that the cuts were to begin immediately and were even for all ten years (not that this is true, these are phantom cuts which will not take place years down the road) then:

Obama cuts  $180 Billion from the yearly government budget.

Boehner cuts $220 Billion from the yearly budget.

WE HAVE A (yearly) DEFICIT OF 600 BILLION. Not a debt, WE ADD TO OUR DEBT BY $600 BILLION each year.

And so, the folks driving the car haven’t even begun to apply the brakes. They are, actually, arguing over which radio station should be playing on the radio.

We are so fucked. The Democrats want to spend. The Republicans really seem to want to spend too, just less and in different ways. 

No one is applying the brakes. No one is trying to do anything about the deficit. Not really. The cuts they propose are to take place years down the road. Meanwhile, they are going to raise the debt limit yet again, further diluting our savings and retirement.

We are so screwed.

I am so disgusted.

 Someone, somehow needs to do something. Can we charge them as traitors? They seem to be violating their oath of office.


I’ll not post what I am thinking. Don’t want a visit from the SS Secret Service, you know….

Rooftops.  You figure it out.

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  1. Personally, I think that all their paychecks should be tied to the budget. I bet we would get a budget agreed on so quick it would make your head spin!

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