Had an interesting discussion last night with a lady who is VERY successful (from a LOT of hard work) about fairness:

Is it FAIR that they take 30+% of her money (I pointed out that it is really like 50% when you add it all up) to pay for government…about 50%  of that money is goven to other people (one way or another).

And most of those people don’t even try to earn themselves anything(on the books) but rather expect their livelihood to be the Federal or State government?

And that they don’t get tested for drugs or other illegal substances.

Yet she is subject to a drug test at the whim of her employer.

This is a lady I had always assumed was a liberal. I was apparently mistaken. She was just quiet about her views.

Not anymore.

We are winning, in some segments.

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  1. Finally!!! When they really start looking at what is going on, the light bulb comes on…

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