What likely turned the tide

for Obama and the DNC, was immigration.

And now they want their due.

Race bets love of country for these people. Sadly, race trumps all for so many.

When your loyalties lie with people who you have never met, yet who look like you, talk like you and come from a culture like what your parents came from over the country under whose laws and protection you have prospered, then there is something wrong with you.

When you put race over the welfare of that same country and your fellow citizens, then I have to question your patriotism.

I find it sad that I can do so in this instance. We have so many citizens of hispanic ancestry who have strengthened this country.

But many will drive this country into ruin to gain something for people they don’t know, but with whom they share ancestry.

Race above all. If whites began to act this way, we could take our country back. I’m not suggesting that we do so, but it is a thought.

ETA: It occurs to me that since he (the WON) didn’t fulfill any of his previous promises, and since he fooled the Hispanics long enough to get re-elected, he likely will ignore them for another four years. This allows his successor the same opportunity to promise them “immigration reform” and reuse the hispanic vote again. Fools.