Today’s the day

When the citizens of the country decide whether they want more statism, more socialism, and less freedom.

Or if they want 4 more years of Obama’s agenda.

Seriously though, this election will, like few others, decide the direction of the country and its policies. Whether we choose as a whole to go down the path which Europe has already taken, or take another route to destruction.

No matter the outcome, expect cries of “fraud” ,”cheat” and “vote tampering”. Expect multiple recounts and maybe even court cases. Likely there will be cases full of (exclusively) votes for the blue team found in an election supervisors car the next day in Minnesota, Wisconsin and (of course) Chicago if things get close. Expect intimidation by the NAACP and/or Black Panthers (snicker, let ’em try that here) at polling places in the cities.

Oh, and depending on the outcome of the election, we shall see if those folks who promise to riot are men of action or not. I’m betting not, but I plan for riots. Just in case, if Obama loses, plan on staying away from potential hotspots, and pay close attention over the next few days. Leave quickly if a large group of “blue” folks get together and/or appear agitated.

You can’t reason with an angry crowd. Don’t bother to try. leave, or get out of sight.

Stay safe. Maybe keep your kids home from school if that seems necessary. Your call.

Me, I’m in a rural (more or less) area. I got no worries and a clear field of fire. Gonna work, go home, and watch things (un)fold.