They knew it was coming.

But in less than 3 days, some residents are already starving.

Dumpster diving for food.

3 days after the storm shut down the city and more or less destroyed portions of the area.

3 days.

Apparently very few people in the greater New York/NJ area had the intelligence to stock up on non perishable/lo prep food and water and gasoline. Even though they knew that the storm was coming, and that it’s effects would be bad.

People are apparently starving and running out of water in Hoboken because no one can get food into them because of storm damage.

Starving….. In their own (relatively undamaged) homes……. after only 3 days.  Sad that. Very Sad. I am saddened that people can’t plan ahead any better than that. These are supposed to be intelligent people. Hell, even squirrels store food for hard time.

I know some people in the area. I know that they were prepared, In fact, I know of one person who is feeding others, and who is allowing them to shower and eat at her home, because she has a genset and stocked food (and has running water)…. She is a better person than I.

But apparently a significant number of people did not prepare. Out of food and water after only 3 days. I am sure that many folks did indeed prepare in a prudent manner. We just don’t see them on the news. They are at home doing what must be done rather than standing in a line for food or water or rationed gasoline.

We only see the less than intelligent folks, ’cause they are the ones that make news.

At least they aren’t whining as loudly as the folks in Nawlins post-Katrina.

4 thoughts on “They knew it was coming.

  1. Where are the calls claiming that this is Obama's fault?

  2. Let the dumb bastards suffer.
    That's the only thing that might compel them to learn, once and for all, to NEVER depend on ANY government to help you when trouble strikes.

  3. We may not see the ones that prepared because they're trying to keep the freelance socialists from stealing all their stuff.

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